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110 Killed In Russian Coal Mine Explosion
 Day Sunshine  19.03.2007  110†   On March 19, 2007, a methane explosion tore through the Ulyanovskaya deep coal mine, killing 110 miners and triggering a safety review of all Russian mines. It was the worst mining disaster in Russia in 60 years. ...
Smorygino · Russia  RU
Ufa Train Disaster
 Day Sunshine  04.06.1989  500†   On the afternoon of June 4, 1989, two fully-loaded Russian passenger trains met a cloud of liquefied petroleum gas, resulting in a huge explosion. The blast rivalled that of the Hiroshima bomb, and killed over 500 people. ...
Novobakayevo · Russia  RU
First Ever Spaceflight-Related Death Occurs In Soyuz 1 Capsule
 Night Cloudiness  24.04.1967  1†   At 03:22 GMT on April 24, 1967 the Soyuz 1 space capsule crashed while attempting a landing, killing its single cosmonaut occupant. The crash was not only the first fatal accident in the history of the Soviet Union, but also ...
Rovnyy · Russia  RU
Mayak Plant Exposes Thousands To Harmful Radiation
 Day Sunshine  29.09.1957  200†   On September 29, 1957 the Mayak nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, located near Kasli in Russia, was the site of an enormous explosion which released serious amounts of radioactive materials into the environment. Almost 500,000 people were exposed to dangerous ...
Novaya Derevnya · Russia  RU
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