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270 killed when bomb is detonated about Pan American Flight 103
 Night Cloudiness  21.12.1988  270†   At 19:02 Greenwich Mean Time, on December 21, 1988, a terrorist bomb was detonated on board Pan Am Flight 103, a Boeing 7474-100 carrying 243 passengers and 16 crew members moving at a speed of 580 kilometers per hour. The ...
Lockerbie · United Kingdom  GB
Aberfan Landslide - Welsh Village Buried Under Coal Waste
 Day Dunst / Fog  21.10.1966  144†   At 9:15 am on the morning of October 21, 1966, a man-made mountain of coal mining waste slid down onto the village of Aberfan in Wales, killing 144 people, including half the village’s children. What Happened The National Coal ...
Aberfan · United Kingdom  GB
439 killed in Senghenydd Colliery Explosion
   14.10.1913  439†   The Senghenydd Colliery Disaster occurred in Senghenydd, near Carephilly, Glamorgan, South Wales on 14 October 1913 when sparks, possibly from equipment, ignited methane gas and coal dust within the mine.  439 miners were killed in what was the worst mining ...
Senghenydd · United Kingdom  GB
Pretoria Pit Disaster
   21.12.1910  344†   The Pretoria Pit Disaster occurred on 21 December 1910 when there was an underground explosion in the Pretoria Pit, Hulton Colliery, Westhoughton, Lancashire, North West England.  Of the 2,500 employees of the Hulton Collliery Company at that time, 344 were ...
Westhoughton · United Kingdom  GB
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