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22 Killed When Heavy Rains Hit Panzhihua, China
   26.07.2009  22†   22 people were killed when heavy rains hit China’s Sichuan province on 26 July 2009. An accompanying landslide blocked the main highway between Sichuan and Tibet, leaving more than 64 m (70 yards) of mud on the road and ...
Panzhihua · China  CN
14 Hikers Killed When Flash Flood Strikes Chongqing, China
   11.07.2009  14†   On 11 July 2009, 14 Chinese hikers were killed when a sudden rainstorm caused a wall of water to bear down on them. Hiking In a Forbidden Area   On Saturday, 11 July 2009, a group of 35 hikers entered a forbidden section ...
Chongqing · China  CN
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