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What is Atropedia?

In short

Atropedia is a web site in wiki style with the goal to make people learn from accidents and eventually reduce the number of accidents and its severity. Atropedia is also the name of the project to create an accident database as complete as possible that includes also practical security info.

The articles in Atropedia describe accidents and security background info. All articles – with the exception of eye-witness articles – can be edited and enhanced by all registered users of Atropedia thus are wiki. The goal of Atropedia is to encourage people to exchange information about accidents and lessons learned and this way make the world a safer place.

How can I participate?

It is easy to become part of the project. All you need is a free user account. You can create a user account for yourself anytime. Then you can start to share your knowledge and experience about accidents with others. You can create a new article or enhance an existing article.

How can I trust the information?

To be honest: You can’t. But think whether to trust more to a single writer or to a collective of writers, where everybody can watch and correct any text? We are aware that it is possible to publish untrue information in Atropedia. But we also rely on our user community to correct information anytime. Experience the many-eye-principle.

What is the meaning of "Atropedia"?

Atropedia is a so called portmanteau word and is composed of the word "atropello" (Spanish for traffic accident) and the word "encyclopedia". The name describes the project itself: An encyclopedia about accidents.