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Terms of services

Atropedia is a free encyclopedia of accidents. You will find additional information about the project on the page What is Atropedia. The term free means that content can be viewed and used free of charge in case no rights or licenses are infringed. All content on Atropedia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3,0 License. However, sometimes media (images, video, sound) is licensed under another license indicated on the specific media site.

All content licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 3.0 License may be replicated, distributed and made publicly available as well as modified, as long as you link back and make sure it′s clear the content comes from Atropedia. Also you must link to the history of each article you use. If you modify an article or use it as basis for a new article, your new article must be licensed under the very same license or a similar one, which must be compatible to the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 3.0 License.

Part of these terms of services is our Privacy Policy.

The authors of Atropedia are encouraged to create content to the best of one′s knowledge and belief. The content of Atropedia is created in an open way without editorial backing and control. Each "democratic" article can be modified by anyone at any time. Articles that are under strong suspicion of being infringing other copyrights can be unpublished or corrected immediately and without notice. Usually such an article will be unpublished and not deleted in order to allow the authors to correct the article.

Each user is fully responsible for all text written by him including for the copyrights. Atropedia explicitly reserves the right to exclude a user.

Disclaimer of liability

The authors of Atropedia are permanently working on the improvement of their articles. However it is possible to find in Atropedia information that ist not correct, not complete, not up-to-date, contradictory, not related or shortened. Furthermore the articles of Atropedia serve for general information, education and training in relation to accidents, but not for advice of individual concerns. Therefore Atropedia has no responsibility for damages resulting by trust in its information or its usage.

Atropedia assumes no responsibility for the content of the published articles, especially in respect to correctness, actuality and completeness of the information provided. The raising of claims of any type is excluded.

Indication to the holder of rights

Atropedia advises each time a user saves information to not use material that underlies copyrights of thirds. Due to the high number of publications it cannot be excluded that users might bring in such material and that this is not immediately recognized. When such a violation of copyright is indicated to Atropedia, the material concerned will immediately made inaccessible by the public. Please direct you to the administrators of Atropedia.

The users called administrators are no official representatives of Atropedia, but only users that have been conceived additional technical possibilities. These administrators usually help quick in case of questions, are however in no way personally responsible for this website.