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On Tuesday, 4 August 2009, four were killed and 15 injured when a gunman opened fire inside an LA Fitness health club in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. The gunman was one of the dead.

The Shooting


The shooting occurred at the LA Fitness Centre in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, a community of about 5,000 located near central Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh International Airport. Witnesses reported that a lone man carrying a large gym bag walked into a Latin dance class and opened fire at about 8:00 pm local time. A witness identified only as Nicole said that "a middle-aged white man walked into the class" about ten minutes after it began. The man put down his gym bag and turned off the lights before he began shooting into the crowd. Having opened fire on a crowd of at least 30 women in an all-female Latin dance class, the gunman then turned his weapon on himself.


Gym member Lauren Dooley reported hearing between 12 and 15 shots. Four people were killed, including the gunman himself. The fifteen injured victims were sent to area hospitals. Mercy Hospital reported receiving five female victims with multiple gunshot wounds. Three were in serious condition with two listed as critical, said a spokesperson for the hospital.


Allegheny General Hospital received two female gunshot victims in its trauma center. Both were listed as being in fair condition, said the hospital’s spokesperson.


St. Clair Hospital received three shooting victims on Tuesday 4 August; two were in stable condition and the third died of a gunshot to the chest at 8:55 pm local time.


An Ongoing Investigation


Criminal investigation of this crime is ongoing. Police believe that the shooter may have been motivated by a domestic dispute with one of the members of the all-female class.

Senseless Tragedy


A spokesperson for the LA Fitness chain said, "Each of us in the LA Fitness family are shocked and saddened by the senseless acts of violence that took place...this evening. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and friends."




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