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An explosion may happen unexpectedly and you should know how to minimize your risk of injury should one occur near you.  If you find yourself in radius of an explosion, follow these tips.

1) Take cover behind something sturdy.  This will protect you from flying debris.  Avoid glass windows as they may shatter, and produce secondary debris.  This goes for windows above you as well.  If there is no source of cover, lie flat on the ground or lie in a ditch. 
2) Try to stay away from vehicles in the range of the blast.  They may ignite and explode as well.
3) Move away from the blast as soon as the debris has stopped falling.
4) Make sure to have any injuries treated by emergency personnel.  See them even if you are not seriously injured.  Your injuries may be more severe than you know.
5) If you are a witness to an explosion, tell aw enforcement officers what you have seen.




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