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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average of 33 school-age children die yearly in school-bus related traffic accidents and most of these children are killed when hit by the school bus or a passing vehicle.


To prevent accidents, drivers must be especially attentive at intersections and at school bus stops. Motorists should watch for children walking to and from bus stops, reduce speed in or around school zones, and avoid distractions like cell phones or loud radios.


When a bus turns on its yellow flashing lights, that indicates the bus is preparing to stop. Never attempt to race past the bus before the red lights begin flashing as Ms. Anderson did in the accident that killed Morgan Duris. Rather slow down and prepare to stop. When a school bus’s red lights are flashing and the stop sign is extended, motorists should stop at least ten feet away from the school bus. Remain stopped until the school bus turns off the red lights and the stop sign.


If drivers exercise caution near bus stops, fewer accidents will happen. At the scene of the accident Sylvania Police Sgt. Danilynn Miller said, "Drivers just need to really pay attention to what they’re doing, which is driving."


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