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    Passenger ships are subject to strict safety regulations stipulating the use of passenger notification in emergency situations, life vests, and life boats. 


    If you are ever in a shipwreck:

  1. Don’t panic.  Make your way calmly to the deck area. 
  2. Safety exits will be clearly marked. 
  3. Listen attentively to all announcements.  Follow the instructions of the crew.
  4. If crew direct you into a lifeboat, board it calmly.
  5. Make sure you’re wearing your life vest properly.




    Safety is even more important when you are enjoying your small boat.


  1. Wear your life jackets while boating at all times.  Make sure your children are wearing their lifejackets properly.
  2. Do not boat under the influence.
  3. Make sure you know how to pilot your boat safely.  Take a course in boating safety in your local area.
  4. Check the weather before you go boating.  Knowing about bad weather in advance can help prevent many accidents.




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