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The Toya Maru was a Japanese train ferry operating on the Tsugaru Strait between the Japanese Islands of Hokkaido and Honshu.  She sank on 26 September 1954, when she encountered Typhoon Marie, the 15th typhoon of that season.

The captain of the Toya Maru initially decided to cancel her departure from Hakodate at 15:10 due to the danger presented by Typhoon Marie as she passed through the strait.  When the weather cleared at about 17:00, the captain decided that the typhoon had passed; he did not realize that Typhoon Marie was predicted to stay over the strait for the rest of the day, nor did he know that she had been gaining strength and had become an extratropical cyclone. 

High winds and strong waves caused the Toya Maru to capsize and sink at 22:43, 26 September 1954.  1,153 people died.  The sinking of the Toya Maru led to the construction of the Seikan Tunnel between the islands of Hokkaido and Honshu, to provide a safer alternative to ferry travel on the Tsugaru Strait.

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