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On April 5, 2010, Kristina Harding and her unborn daughter, Kayla, were killed in a traffic accident  near Bloomingdale, Ohio, after she had an epileptic seizure while driving, causing her car to cross the median on U.S. 22 and hit a semitrailer truck. The impact of the accident knocked the axle completely from the semitrailer truck.

Mrs. Harding’s husband said that he saw her take her medication, and the family reported her condition was under control.

However, according to medical experts in the field, a woman’s pregnancy and hormones can have an effect on her epilepsy. According to, most women see no changes in their seizures, but one-fourth to one-third of them may have increased seizures during their pregnancy, even though they are still taking their medicines, because concentraitons of seizure medication in the bloodstream may change, putting her at greater risk of seizures.

The safety lesson to learn from this is that if you have an illness, particularly one that is controlled with medication, care should be taken to ensure that the hormones, weight gain and other issues related to pregnancy do not interfere with the illness and treatment.

The changes in the illness conditions could lead to a dangerous situation, especially while operating a motor vehicle.

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