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The Daegu Subway Fire pointed to several problems in South Korea’s subway fire control measures, and to human error and negligence.

Plastics and materials on board the subway trains was not fire resistant, and caught and spread the fire to the entire train within 2 minutes. Fire control measures in the station, which included shutting off power to the trains, prevented Train 1080 from leaving the area. The platform lacked sprinklers, and smoke control mechanisms proved inadequate for the dense, poisonous smoke that caused many to lose their way. Emergency lighting was inadequate.

The drivers of both trains were arrested and convicted of criminal negligence. In 2005, a Japanese company built a 33 square meter, virtual reality subway platform and train simulator to educate subway staff and riders how to properly react during a fire. They used the Daegu fire as their model.

The Korean National Railroad instituted safety measures one month after the accident. They began broadcasting instructions to passengers on emergency escape measures and the use of extinguishers. Toxic subway materials were to be changed for nontoxic alternatives, fire retardant was to be sprayed on car interiors, and 5475 train stations were to undergo safety inspections.