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    Fire safety is just as important when you’re out as it is when you’re at home.  Fires in public places present a real danger of death and injury and you should prepare yourself by knowing what to do if you’re in public place and there’s a fire.


  1. When you enter a public place, look for the fire exits.  These are required by law and usually well marked.  In dark theaters exit signs will be lit up.
  2. If there is a fire, don’t panic.  Move calmly toward the fire exits and leave the building.
  3. Once outside the building, move as far away from the fire as possible.  Remain calm.  Emergency personnel may be on hand to direct you where to go.  If not, wait on the opposite side of the street.
  4. Report any and all injuries to medical professionals.  Remember that your injuries may be more serious than you are aware.
  5. Make appropriate statements to authorities if you have witnessed anything that might be helpful to them.




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