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On 25 July 2009, a Croatian tilting train traveling from Zagreb to the coastal city of Split derailed, killing six and injuring forty. The two carriage train derailed at 12:08 pm local time, just a few meters short of a ravine. Authorities believe that, had the train derailed and crashed into the ravine, the death toll could have been much higher.


There were 91 passengers aboard the train at the time it derailed, many of them young people headed to the beaches of the Adriatic. Among the injured were six French, two Australian, and three Swedish tourists; four others were Belgian, British, Slovenian and Pakistani, respectively.


When the train derailed, the foremost of its two carriages crashed twice into the sides of a cutting through the hillside before breaking away from the second car. The cause of the derailment remains under investigation, though passengers report that the train was traveling at excessive speeds.

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